Work in Progress #3 - A Dash of Belladonna

Seems like getting a template is a tricky business. 

I finally wrote a blurb and sent it to my Copy Editor. 

So went to the template creator... and oh no. I now need an ISBN number. (Come on. I just want a template!) So off I go to my publisher - Lasavia Publishing to ask for one. 

Just waiting for that. 

In the meanwhile - I've chosen a background color, and yes... I chose blue... green... I swear - it's only because it fit with everything in the page!

I've added more bits to the back - and touched up things I wasn't happy with (odd colors spilling out over the outlines etc) 

Added the logo! Lasavia Publishing is making a branch that will include YA, Fantasy and anything whimsical! I will be putting more energy behind it once this book is out, but I've made that logo. (You can see it in the logo section) We'll see how it will look like once I have that (*&@#(*&@*#(*&#&*^$#&!)en template! 

I hate templates. I think it's time I change my print on demand site. 

I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out to be. 

I originally had the idea that there will be these corner frames? but when I tried that, it just looked too busy. 

Once I have the template, I'll be able to design the spine and shift things! 

Once I have the blurb edited (I'd say having your blurb have grammatical/spelling mistakes is on the same level as being caught naked in your car? Yeah I don't know) I'll add it to the back. 

THEN DONE! Huzzah! 


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