A Dash of Belladonna

Published by Lemon Ink


Dearest friend,

Tomorrow I fly to New Zealand, a country where my future master will no doubt teach me the deepest secrets of brewing the most marvelous, miraculous and magical potions. Perhaps he will teach me how to make an invisibility potion? No, no. Too mundane. I'm sure he'll teach me the sort of magic that paints the Milky-Way with the stars, the kind that swaps the sky with the still ocean, or the ones that make fireflies dance in winter. Okay, all of those are illegal, but a girl can dream, right? Ma, of course, thinks I'm going to get kidnapped by some moustache-twirling villain and become embroiled in a magical struggle that's been brewing for centuries. If I had a say, I'd add a dash of danger and adventure in there. Why stop at getting kidnapped? Why not rebirth an ancient magic everyone thought was extinct?

What would I do if I find myself in a series of such non-sensical events? Who knows? But I promise you I wouldn't give up without a proper, magical fight.

Your Fantabulous Friend.

"When do you become an adult? What requirements do you have to fill to become an adult? Do you wake up one day and get awarded a certificate to prove that you are an adult? Is it when you can vote? When you can drink? What did being an adult mean to me?"