Family Commissions

For birthdays, anniversaries and special days: a portrait of your family in a cute style to last forever. 

Prices start from $60, with each additional character +$20. We discuss what kind of clothing, setting, pose you'd like people to have, and we start drawing! 

Character Commissions

I've worked with a lot of D&D players to create their characters to life, bring their game characters to print,
or make a friend into a cool character, or to create avatars for social sites.  

My general prices are $60-80 depending on whether they are color and what features you'd like me to show.

Pet Commission

To immortalize your beloved fur baby in an unique form. 

Titan and Cola low.jpg
A3 Manny low res - Copy.jpg
Helen's Hunny Bunny.jpg

Prices: $60 for color - 260GSM paper and electronic copy. $20 for each animal added. 

Comic Commissions

I've worked with people who'd like to immortalize a favorite moment in a comic form

Love is....jpg
AOL 11.5.jpg

My general prices are $40-50 depending on whether they are color and how many panels you'd like.

Fox Rain 88.jpg
Fox Rain 110.jpg

For full page comics, for color, my general prices are $50-60 per page. 

Memory Commissions 

I've worked with clients to commemorate weddings, births and engagements in a cute illustration as a unique gift or as a lasting keepsake.

My prices are generally: $60 for color + $20 per each character. 210 GSM paper plus electronic copy.

Children's Book Commissions

Subject to availability.

My general price is $60-70 per page. 
The manuscript must be clean but I can work with authors to put edits as the project progresses.