Book Launch

Book Launch!

Oh dear, the time has come for the dreaded Book launch. 

Thoughts that enter my head are:
"What if no one comes?"

"What if no one buys the books?"

"My friends and family have already bought a book off me, so who else is left?"

While these are all common worries (I've since found out), the best approach I thought was to just think of it as a celebration. Invite everyone that is interested in the book or interested in your creativity and just think of it as a celebration. 

Sure, it'll be nice to sell books, but I'm approaching it as a thank you party to those who have supported me in the writing process. 

I believe I'll pass on the speeches and the stuffy clapping nonsense, and just have fun. 

Not the most official book launch, but hey - it'll be neat to have people who love your book and support you in one room, and who knows, meet new people!

If you are interested, please come! I don't know who comes to this website, but it'd be amazing to meet you :)


Book Launch Invitation.jpg