Book Launch!

Oh dear, the time has come for the dreaded Book launch. 

Thoughts that enter my head are:
"What if no one comes?"

"What if no one buys the books?"

"My friends and family have already bought a book off me, so who else is left?"

While these are all common worries (I've since found out), the best approach I thought was to just think of it as a celebration. Invite everyone that is interested in the book or interested in your creativity and just think of it as a celebration. 

Sure, it'll be nice to sell books, but I'm approaching it as a thank you party to those who have supported me in the writing process. 

I believe I'll pass on the speeches and the stuffy clapping nonsense, and just have fun. 

Not the most official book launch, but hey - it'll be neat to have people who love your book and support you in one room, and who knows, meet new people!

If you are interested, please come! I don't know who comes to this website, but it'd be amazing to meet you :)


Book Launch Invitation.jpg

The Book's published... Now what?

There are two author types. 

One, who sits back on their writer chair, happy to hold the physical copy of their book in their hot little hands.

Two, who plunges into the world of self promotion, (sometimes begging) and marketing their books.

It seems I'm the latter. 

I don't imagine my book "A Dash of Belladonna" will sweep the world by a storm, but I do want to give it the best chance it has.

Sure I can spend thousands upon thousands of $$$ to promote and hire PR companies, but alas - I am a part-time worker who lives on modest income. So it looks like I'm doing this myself. 

So! Here's my journey of self-marketing from my little (but lovely) country of New Zealand. 

Wish me luck!