See you at NZ Book Festival!

Hey everyone!

I honestly haven’t been able to write with the new addition to the family, and I’ve been feeling like I’ve neglected my other baby! (My first novel!)
To be honest I have been feeling sad that I missed going to the Sir Julius Vogel awards night and missed promoting the book… so when a fellow author Grace Bridges (Who writes amazing sci fi/fantasy books btw) invited me to share the stall with her and the rest of the SPECFIC group, I wanted to go!
It wasn’t without hesitation as it means I have to leave my 8 months old with the husband all day and how will I feed her? where can I go to pump? Will the two of the burn down the house???

In the end I decided A Dash of Belladonna needed to have some light.

I am scared as it’s my first festival, I only have one book compared to all these other authors with multiple books… and what if no one buys the books? Would I have sat there the entire day away from my baby for nothing???
I’ll try to push those fears aside…

I’ll have to draw up a poster, make some bookmarks and hey, I just happen to have ten limited editions (Those sticker versions!) available!

I’ll look towards the good stuff :)

Hope to see you guys there, and wish me luck!