Book Cover!

So for my first book cover which includes a real live model, I had asked my good friend to pose for me. 

I had an idea in my head and I figured I only needed her legs. 

So off I went to our location

Piha beach!

Piha beach!

and midst beach goers and their dogs, we got a lot of weird looks. 

Why? I had my model wear a super old but gorgeous wedding dress without any bridal make up or any props. 

I could almost hear people's whisper

"Where is her husband?" 
"Is this a 'I've been jilted' photo shoot?"

but my model stood firm as I kept telling her to stand in a certain way. 

Lesson learnt: Take photos of everything. 
regret not taking more photos of her entire body. I was so caught up in taking the photo of her legs, I only had few of her actual body. 

Look at those gorgeous dress. 

Look at those gorgeous dress. 

Luckily there were few I managed to snap. 

Only if I had money. I could have actually afforded a photographer who knew what they were doing.

So step 1 is done! 

Now to choose the photo to rule them all... I will find the right one based on:

* Lighting (I will be enhancing the photo with Photoshop, so I will need certain lights)
* Flow of the page (I need to really thing where the eyes will travel to.)
* Colors (I had the pleasure of reading her entire novel, so I know what atmosphere I want to create and yes, colors... oh how important they are)

Then I will have a panel of my most trusted advisors (friends and family) who will give me their opinions! But they won't sit in the same room, I will give them few choices and they will vote!

While this is happening, off I go to the wonderful world of fonts! My rule is that if the font is perfect for the story, BUY IT! BUY IT ALL Ahahahahaha!
I've come across few favorite fontsmiths... I'll make a list and put it up here later :)